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It was hard to miss coverage of the devastation caused by the catastrophic explosion that ripped through the city of Beirut in Lebanon just a few days ago. With the extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure and at least 154 confirmed dead, hundreds still missing and 300,000 people now homeless and displaced; the financial, social and human cost of this enormous explosion is far-reaching and utterly devastating. It could not have come at a worst time for Lebanon – a country that was already suffering from a poor economy, protests against the alleged governmental corruption and still trying to deal with the huge impact of Covid-19, this explosion has just added to Beirut’s already crippling problems!

The plighted people of Beirut, desperately need your help in trying to get their lives back to some kind of normality. There is an urgent need of medicine, shelter, electricity, clean water and food as well as the long-term rebuilding of homes and infrastructure. Please donate whatever you can to help with this humanitarian crisis. Every penny you donate, will go directly to help someone in need, so don’t hesitate – make a donation today.

If you can, why not setup a monthly donation – Beirut will not be rebuilt in a day, it will take months, years or even decades to get this beautiful city back to anything close to it’s former glory!

Beirut Explosion