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Welcome to the official Fast & Feed Movement charity website. Established since 1986. Registered charity no.: 801448
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In other parts of the Holy Quran, the believers are repeatedly enjoined to share their wealth with those in need, to give away all that is in excess of their needs and even to deny their own wants to help those worse off.

It has even been declared in the Holy Quran that the needy have a right over the wealth of the believer.

In the light of these teachings, Fast and Feet Movement was launched to organise  projects to help the needy and hungry of the world, without  distinction of religion, nationality, race or colour.  

The movement is different to other organisations, in that it aims to alleviate the spiritual impoverishment that we all suffer from today by fasting to feed. It also aims to help our ignorance , through educating  people about  the real problems faced by the underprivileged in the world.

Though the organisation was started by Muslims to fulfil their religious duties, we also invite the followers of other faiths (as well as  agnostics) to join hands in the pursuit of this humanitarian mission.  In the words of the Holy Quran:

“Come (and join hands with us) for the mission common to you and us”.

We urge you to observe the fasts on the 13th, 14th and 15th of every lunar month and urge others to do so and deposit the savings in Fast and Feed account to help the poor and hungry of the world or  by sponsoring one of our volunteer fasting.

You can also support us by making a single  or monthly donation by completing Fast and Feed standing order form.


The elimination of world hunger has a high priority in Islam. The Holy Quran declares that neglect of this duty is a falsification of faith.

“Seest thou the one who falsifies (the fundamentals of ) faith?  Then such is the one who repulses harshly the helpless one; and encourages not the feeding of the needy”, (Holy Quran, CVII:1-3).